Iphigenia Crash Land Falls On The Neon Shell That Was Once Her Heart (A RAVE FABLE)

Photographs by Victor Preda 

Caridad Svich’s contemporary adaptation of the perennial Greek myth that has long denied the voice of its heroine.Desperate to outrun her fate, Iphigenia finds refuge in an underground aircraft-hangar-turned-rave, where the dead come to escape the living and a world obliterated by fear.

In this multimedia journey, Iphigenia leaves behind General Adolfo, the father who wants her dead, to seek out unspoken desires and unadulterated pleasures, and survive the horrors of her past among murdered factory workers and the legendary Achilles.

Finally hear Iphigenia speak.

The Bunker - 19th July 2017
Bread & Roses Theatre - 30th July 2017

Edinburgh Fringe // The Space on Niddry Street
4th - 5th; 7th - 12th August 2017


‘Fringe Theatre at its best’
- Spy In The Stalls 
‘Refreshingly diverse.... A young campany full of talent and potential’
- Disability Arts
Top 5 Best Edinburgh Fringe Previews

- TimeOut London


Co-directors: Oli Isaac Smith and Jess Rahman-González
Producers: Oli Isaac Smith, Jess Rahman-González and Sara Jewell
Writer: Caridad Svich 
Technical Director: Caitlin Ivory
Choreographer: Marcus Bell 
Composer: Jennifer Walton 


Iphigenia: Jess Rahman-González
Achilles: Sam Kindon 
General Adolfo/ Fresa 2/ General’s Ass: Mickey Shaw
Violeta Imperial/ Fresa 1/ Virgin Puta: Sara Jewell 
Fresa 3/ Hermaphrodite Prince: Rebecca Rahman-González


Download the Press Reception for Iphigenia here