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Oli co-founded Clumsy Bodies with Jess.

In 2021, Oli is a lead artist for the Barbican CRIPtic Showcase and its mentoring and development programme. Oli is also a selected artist for the BBC’s Words First Poetry x Nine Arches Press.  

Oli is an alum of Soho Theatre’s Writers' Lab, Roundhouse Poetry Collective and Apples & Snakes’ Writing Room.

Their work has been published in Aesthetica, ANMLY,
Apples & Snakes’ Blackbox Sessions and Huffington Post;

And shortlisted for Winchester Poetry Prize 2020, Café Writers Open Poetry Contest 2020, Creative Future Writer’s Award 2019, Jane Underwood Poetry Prize 2020 and Aurora Prize 2020;

And longlisted for the National Poetry Competition 2020, the Frontier Award for New Poets 2020 and the BBC’s Writersroom Script Room 2021

Links to my work:
wrestling - bath magg issue 6

they ask me how did you get here. can’t you see it on my body?
- Aesthetica, Creative Writing Anthology 2021

tender as in easier to chew - Winchester Poetry Prize 2020 Anthology

every summer i am reminded sunburns on the back are the loneliest sunburns

nice words said about me:
Tender as in easier to chew is just a brilliant title for this poem that just feels so visceral in its use of language and got its hooks inside me, and I couldn’t let it go
-Andrew McMillan

So many poets start big to pull you in, but Oli starts small and lets you almost fall into it, and there is something really satisfying about that. I’ve waited for that feeling to disappear but I’ve accepted that it never will. It happens every single time I hear their work.
-Bridget Minamore

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An Ode To My Stuttering Tongue
Roundhouse Poetry Collective Showcase 
at the Last Word Festival (2019)

Spoken Word | Apples and Snakes: Blackbox | When Will I get to Haunt This City by Olli Isaac (2021)

an idea for a date - poetry film (2019)

You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around -
Grimes (Workplace Stock Footage) (2020)

i also take photos sometimes: