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clumsy body doubles

A critic told us that they enjoyed our autobiographical stories about being trans, but didn’t like us as the performers of these stories. So (obviously) we hired cis body doubles of ourselves to take over our lives. What happens when our body doubles have meals with our parents, go to our hospital appointments, get our mail from the Post Office?

From Boys Don’t Cry to Danish Girl to Dallas Buyers Club, the majority of commercially successful stories about trans lives go to those with cis actors attached. Inspired by the traditional horror of the doppelgänger, we explore the current debate around identity, authenticity and gender. Are we only profitable when our stories come from cis mouths? Who legitimises trans stories, and do we ever get to author them ourselves?

Originally commissioned by Upstart Theatre as part of DARE Festival 2019. 

Supported by Shoreditch Town Hall, Theatre Deli, and The Lowry

Past Performances:
Dare Festival October 2019 - Shoreditch Town Hall

photos by ali wright

anatomy of a panic

Winners of the Raze Up! Commission.

Anatomy of a Panic confronts trans moral panic and the legacy of the think of the children defence.

Past Performances:
Derby Theatre
Cambridge Junction
Oxford’s Old Fire Station

anatomy of a panic was supported by: